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     Hi There! We are Terri & Neil, a dynamic duo (husband and wife) team from Southeast Wisconsin, with over 13 years of experience creating designs for our online customers, and have met some pretty incredible people along the way! After our Etsy shop was unexpectedly and sadly closed, after all these years, we knew that God was leading us in a different direction to reach more people through his word - in new and practical ways. This shop is an answer to many years of prayer, and we are incredibly excited to be here - with YOU! Please don’t hesitate to take a look around our store, see our FAQ page for commonly asked questions, and if you don't find your answer there, you are welcome to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, or even design something special just for you! Keep reading to learn about our personal miracle testimonies about what God has done in our lives, and why we do what we do.

     Terri is a professional graphic designer, with a true heart for working with people and over 20 years of experience in the corporate and ecommerce product design & marketing arena, including over 13 years full-time on Etsy. After all these years, she knows how important communication with customers is, as she and Neil feel as if every customer is family. So she offers a high standard of customer service alongside offering lovingly designed, meaningful, wholesome, uplifting printed apparel and gifts to wear and share! Terri is also a worship leader in her church family, and her first priority is her close relationship with God, living out His word on a daily basis. As you can tell from her designs, she is totally in love with Jesus who is our truth, our light, and our way, and is so excited to share them with you and those you love!


     Terri was raised in a church all her life and gives her parents thanks for raising her to know that there is a good and perfect plan for her life already laid in the heart of the Father. In 2013, a friend invited her to a new bible based church that changed everything in her life. As she came to know more of who He is in her life and just what Jesus did for her - a mustard seed of faith was all she needed. She was prayed for by the laying on of hands in an unassuming evening service, and was instantly healed and delivered from Multiple Sclerosis, having been diagnosed 12 years earlier. No really... HEALED :) MS is an incurable disease that attacks the motor function of the body from the spine and brain systems. She now joyfully walks in heels, runs on the elliptical at the gym and has been completely symptom free in body and mind for almost 10 years. She is living proof, that God still works miracles, of which her amazing 5 kids, wonderful husband, and devoted family and beloved church family can attest to. Now, she's here to share this incredible testimony of hope in Jesus with all of you, to build your faith and to inspire the faith of those around you. We created our "I BELIEVE" apparel collection, which is available here at printenvydesigns.com, to celebrate the amazing work of restoration God has made possible in our lives, and that more miracles, signs, and wonders are on the way to those who will Be Brave and Believe. 

     Neil is an spirit-filled entrepreneur as well. Along with being a great business-mind partner behind Print Envy Designs, he is an insurance agent / owner - and is SO gifted at what he does (can you tell Terri wrote this part? *wink*). Best part is that he is a faithful man of God, who has been given a gift of wisdom which makes his business skill truly extraordinary - he simply thinks of things that others don’t. As we partner together to offer amazing apparel, gifts, and much more to come here at Print Envy Designs, he brings something quite special to the table! Oh, and he truly loves Jesus too, you should hear him preach the word of God in practical and impactful ways... beyond powerful :)

     ~ Please take the time to read the comments in the feedback section, as our shop grows, for wonderful words of encouragement from our past customers as to why you can purchase from Print Envy Designs with confidence! And, we kindly ask that you leave your own sweet review, along with a photo of you with your order purchase, of your experience here once you receive your order. And please be sure to sign up for our email newsletter so you can stay in the loop of new designs and promotions - please contact us, and we are always right here to help.

THANK YOU for visiting our store, and we truly look forward to working with you!

Terri & Neil ♥